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How we create a total new interior design?

At Studio36, we understand that hiring an interior designer for your home renovation project may seem a little intimidating. So our company created this '3step process' to ensure our clients fully understand the design process and have a clear vision of what it is to work with us.

We can't wait to help you with your next project!

Get everything you need for an innovative, professional-looking renovation - without having to hire multiple contractors or go out for multiple quotes.

Our designers manage every step of the process to ensure that your home or apartment is exactly how you want.

Studio 36 provide an end-to-end service trhough 3 phases


This phase is covering a meeting on-site between you and the designer. Following this meeting, your designer will create a mood board to reflects the atmosphere with the suggestion of furniture, colors, and materials.

PRICE: 500 AED/room ( Excl. VAT)


From the measurement of the existing, the interior design will draw two different interior proposals. When the design is defined, we will present a file with the plan, elevations, and a list of all the points of the renovation (furniture, material, electrical work, civil work…)

Based on the description of the renovation work, we will consult different building suppliers according to the specifics of your project and your budget in order to obtain a final quote.

At this stage, you have the choice to hire us for the rest of the renovation mission. We will then provide site monitoring, work coordination, and supervision of building suppliers. (third step).

PRICE: Based on the area in sqm.



Our site manager monitors the progress of the work and coordinates all of the actors of the worksite: kitchen designer, tiler, carpentry, plumber, painter, etc. He controls the implementation and progress of the works and informs you of the work schedule. After the renovation work, your interior designer participates in the installation of your furniture and decorative objects to finalize the project.

PRICE: 10% of the project value with a min. fees of 3000 AED