Civil Work

Build It. 


It doesn't matter if you just barely closed on a piece of land or have had a vision board of your dream residence filling up binders for years. ToolRaid can “build it all,” literally from the ground up.

Breaking walls, building walls, changing your ceiling, revamping your bathrooms, name it, we do it!

Residential Painting

Whether your property requires new interior paint as a part of the turnover process or as an upgrade for existing tenants, Studio36 - Toolraid understands the importance of accommodating your needs.

From drywall repairs and ceiling patches to detailed woodwork and trim staining, our experienced crews can work around other trade contractors or tenant work schedules.

Studio36 - Toolraid ensures the quality of every interior paint job through the use of professional surface preparation techniques. From sanding and caulking to sealing and priming, our workmanship is well-known in the industry.

We use the highest quality paint products, and we have low- or no-VOC products available upon request.

Plumbing system upgrade/fix

If your properties are ready for a plumbing system or fixture upgrade, Studio36-ToolRaid is the best plumbing contractor for the job.

We specialize in providing cost-effective design and installation services on any scale.

We can recommend the most durable and efficient components, designed to stand up to the demands of rental property use and last for years to come.

Because reducing water use is important to you and your tenants, we can help you in the selection and installation of low-flow faucets and fixtures and other budget-friendly strategies.

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