The different types of doors


One of the most visible design features in a home (everyone has to look at – and go through – them in order to enter a room) – doors should reflect the current decor theme. Most homes settle for a traditional six-panel or a plain door. But doors can be much more imaginative than that and in fact, can be even more decorative than the furniture.

Interior doors are usually available in four main types – standard hinge doors, bypass doors, folding doors and pocket doors. Standard hinge doors close off rooms by keeping in heat and blocking noise. Bypass doors are decorative and used for areas such as cupboards and pantries. Both folding doors and sliding doors are great for small rooms as they don’t take up a lot of space.

French doors are great for adding a touch of character to a room and, of course, more natural daylight. If they happen to have an arch over the top then it gives the room a bit of a vintage feel too.

Barn doors are similar to sliding doors but much larger and can actually take the place of a wall (with the bonus that it’s moveable).

Barn Doors

Frosted-glass doors are excellent for allowing light into rooms where you also desire some privacy:

Frosted doors

This bifold sliding door makes a feature out of an otherwise ordinary cupboard and does so without taking up much space:

Bi Folding door

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